Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Table War Case - Review - Part 2

Eager to continue with this weeks post of my new Table War case here are a few more pix of the case's design elements that I forgot to include in the last post. 

Now on to the fun stuff.  I mentioned last time that I would be magnetizing the unit trays into the case.  But before I could get to this step I really wanted to learn just how much of my Dwarf army would fit in the case.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the entire army would fit, with room to spare.  So much so that I will probably add at least one more display board, possibly two if I drop the removable drawer.

Looking at it I am concerned about trays that are holding all the metal units, as I imagine they could potentially warp under time under the weight.  However, if you look at the display boards you will notice that the center area is sunk in about 1/2".  I'm going to try gluing a metal plate in the bottom for which to attach my unit trays with magnets.  I'm hoping the stiffness of the metal plate will alleviate any potential warping issues.

Finally, I wanted to show the stack of figure foam usually required to pack up this army.  As you can see it's a fair amount to store.  But the real benefit is in the fact I don't have to setup my units anymore!  :)

In the next installment I will get to mounting the units in the case.


Richelieu said...

Rob, what increments are the slots to hold the boards on? And how deep is the board? Just wondering if a large army like ogres, or a tomb kings monster would be a good fit for something like this. Thanks

retroalias said...

So far I'm loving this case.

Don't have it in front of me bit I think the increments are 1". The center of the boards are recessed about half inch.

I experimeted with my Tomb Kings army and it works pretty well. The trick is to put all of the tall stuff on the same shelf to maximize space. I think it would work great for an Ogre army.

Check out their site for more pix on their FaceFbook page. There are also vids on youtube

Richelieu said...

i am just amazed. The only thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere tho is how deep is the tray?

retroalias said...

It's about 6.5 inches of usable space front to back. All the dimensions are listed on their sited - just look at the display board under accessories.

Rogers said...

Wow! I have to admit I was a little doubtful about this whole setup when you were describing it to me, but that looks great!

eeore said...

Have you tried dropping it?

retroalias said...

Not on purpose. :)

The case would survive but unless you used incredibly strong magnets the models would be ravaged. This is defintly a case for light transport, it is definitly not for air plane travel or for the habitually clumsy.

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