Monday, December 5, 2011

Phaneuf ready to concede Bastard Challenge!

So a few days ago we announced the first Bastard Challenge. I figured the time is right to let Phaneuf know just how screwed he is. Here is the bad boy I picked up:

A three headed she-bitch caught mid-burnination.

She's a little colorful right now, but I think she'll tone down very nicely with my muted wood elf color palette. I won't be trying to make a dragon rider or nothing. This is going to be my beast of Kadon, for when I rocking Lore of Beasts on the spellweaver.

I ultimately chose this model as it sort of fits both the regular and boosted versions of Transformation of Kadon. For the regular version, I think I would resort to the Black Hydra. This thing's got a few heads, close enough. For boosted, it's all about the Mountain Chimera, which has three heads. Again, close enough.

It did not seem that big at the store but I guess it turned out be quite huge. Overall, I think the detail is pretty good for a 'toy.' I guess I won't know  for sure until I start slinging some paint, though.

In any case, my plan is to base the creature in the same manner as my wood elves. I think the base will likely be 80mm wide by 120mm deep. It has to be in a 20mm interval in case I cast the spell while in a unit. Don't want to get the damn spell off and then be shunted off to the side of the unit out of combat!

Besides basing, the plan is simple, prime it and paint it using my wood elf color scheme. So that's likely a cream underbelly, brown-black top with what is sure to be a few dozen buckets of blood around the chompers.

I'm already cracking my victory beer. (or, more accurately, victory sixer)


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