Monday, December 12, 2011

Entry #4 for the Bastards Challenge #1

This next entry comes from Mike G, who may have us all beat simply by
the awesome toy he chose! I cannot wait to see how this one turns

On to Gerold's message:

For my entry, I decided to go stay in the general idea of most
everyone else: A Transformation monster. As I sat down and started
thinking about what I wanted for the monster (hydra, chimera, dragon,
etc), I came to the revelation that if I were to cast the spell, I
would probably only ever choose the Great Fire Dragon (if you're gonna
cast it, you might as well go big. And if choosing between the Chimera
and the Fire Dragon, I'd rather have the strength 5 breath weapon and
the 2+ armor save over the potentially huge number of attacks). So,
the search for a cool looking dragon was on.
Ultimately, I settled on one of McFarlane's Toy dragons. They're a
little more intense than your average toy, but I found a solid deal on
one (via ebay, of course!). It looks like the detail will be solid,
so hopefully I can do something with that.
As for my plan, I have no clue. I'll for sure be repainting it.
We'll see how the model looks in person as to whether or not I'm going
to do a lot of green stuff work. The base work will probably be
pretty big. Other than that, add about 146.67 skulls to it and it
should fit right in on the Warhammer table.
-Bloody Gerold


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