Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Entry #2 for the Bastard Challenge #1

This was sent in to us from our good friend Mike who is going to have a go at making a Heirotitan from Skeletore. The idea behind this is very creative and I can't wait to see the results! By the way, we are still waiting for your submission Mark!

On to Mike's message:

My next project is a to start a Tomb Kings army for an escalation league and one of the goals was to include a Heirotitan at some point.  Since there is no model and the Bone Giant would stand it if you wanted something totally herp-derp, I was going to make one out of the new Gorgon, however this challenge provides well a challenge. So I found one of these beasties on eBay, the 2009 edition looks pretty
good, but I decided to go pretty old school with the 1984 battle amour edition. And much cheaper

With the amour I can build a sarcophagus to go on the front of the chest. I will use some space marine dreadnought bits for this purpose.  I will add some sort of covering over the shoulders to make them look
better and less exposed. Maybe some Carnifex carapace bits can be chopped to make some shoulder pads.

Then in one of the arms I am looking to build the Scales of Usirian, these are stereotypical justice scales, I am looking at either snagging earring of justice scales out of a catalog we have at work(I work in corrections) or building some out of brass rod, jeweler's chain and PBR can. The other hand will be the Icon of Ptra a staff
with an icon on the top. I have an old pendant I picked up when I was in the army of an Eye of Horus. I think that could be fitting on a staff or something.

Finally the codpiece doesn't even have a worthwhile bulge, so I am going to obscure it with a sort of leather looking straps flowing down over or another skull or monster face. I've gotten a Laamasu head in my sweet sack from the Rodge Podge, it may fit on that crotch. I don't know yet. The feet will get green stuffed a bit that tri toe looking shit just doesn't do it for me. 

Paint job wise. I don't have a plan yet. I'm trying to do less gold than is seen on Tomb King armies, and I've not painted a single animated construct yet, but I am wanting to be more stone than golden with using less uniformity for colors, as if different artisans crafted them. I am considering painting this piece in a jade or amethyst scheme.



Rogers said...

haha! The finished product should be interesting!

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