Friday, December 9, 2011

'Eavy Metal Masterclass

As I am an unabashed fluff gamer, it will come as no surprise that I recently picked up the new ‘Eavy Metal Master Class book on a trip down to the Bunker.  Essentially GW has taken a bunch of ‘Eavy metal painting articles originally published in White Dwarf and bundled them together in a single tome.  They have also included a new article not published before, though for the life of me I really have not a clue which one it is.  The articles cover advanced painting topics like object source lighting by painting various Fantasy, 40K and Lord of the Rings models.  If you have a White Dwarf subscription, you may wonder if you actually need this.  I know I debated if I really needed it.  In the end I decided that I liked the articles bound into single book as it makes it easier to reference and better in surviving my thumbing through for years to come.


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