Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dwarf WIP

Work continues at a feverish pace.  I've got the model based and it is looking pretty good.  What's going to be interesting is that once he is painted a lot of folks may not realize the amount of work that went in to it to essentially reposition the foot to make it look like he is stepping up.  The last thing that remains to do is the standard, that is unless I waffle back on the decision and keep him as a Thane.  If I got that route he will probably get a lantern in his right hand to keep with the army theme. 

Could not resist putting him in his new home in the unit of Hammerers.  There is a two base unit filler directly behind him to make room for the war hammer.  


noeste said...

I know I might be a bit late with my comment, but I just feel the hammerhandle is slightly too long. I think I'd halve the part closest to the head, so it looks more balance. I know it's quite a bit of work, especially this late in the process, but I think you'll find it worth those extra hours when he's all finished.

The greenstuffing is looking great by the way, both the cloth and the chainmail. And people familiar with Dwarfs will notice the repositioning of his foot, I'm sure.

Love the colour scheme of your Hammerers, and I look forward to seeing the Thane/Standard Bearer painted up with the same colours.

Domus said...


Richelieu said...

Is there a possibility of fitting a small magnet in the lantern/standard pole and putting a paper clip in his hand to allow him to serve both roles as you need him to?

retroalias said...

D - u have hammer envy :)

That's a really good idea. I will need to see how much room I have in the hand.

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