Friday, December 2, 2011

Bastard Challenge #1!

Hey gang, we thought it was time for a little friendly competition among the Magnificent Bastards.

What sort of competition you might ask?

A few weeks ago I posted about these monstrosities. I had a hankering to do one of these bucks up and challenged Rob "Pha's Protection" Phaneuf to a friendly wager: Who could do a better job "warhammerizing" one of the suckers for a Warhammer army?

It could be as simple as just basing the thing, redoing the paint job or going to town with green stuff or armor, saddles, a rider, whatever.

He readily agreed and the Bastard Challenge was born. We thought we'd make it interesting, though, and open it up to the readers. You too, can get in on this action. All you need to do is pick up a toy figure and let us know you want in (use the hobby tip form to the right) by 12/10/11.

The models must be completed in four weeks, by 1/7/12. At that time, we will have a little poll to see who did best. If the winner is not one of the Magnificent Bastards, we will hook that nardhole up with a sweet prize! Plus, that nardhole will be one step closer to becoming a Magnificent Bastard him or herself. (A terribly long and cruel shame-ridden road, my friends.)

Your toy does not have to be one from my original post or from Michael's craft store. It could be a McFarlane monstrosity or any poor dino you might find at a museum gift shop. Even that fat bastard in the pic above. (Basis for a Great Unclean One?) So let's see what you got!

Expect a post from Rob and I shortly on our various monster picks and overall thoughts (as well as updates throughout the competition!)


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