Thursday, December 1, 2011

Army Battle Standard Bearer

This pic shows where I'm at with the project currently. What's
interesting is that I started this Dwarf to use as my Man of Intrigue
at Waaaghpaca 2012, but looking at him I don't think he would fit that
bill. In my mind the Man of Intrigue model needs to be outlandish and
over the top (like the original Bastard) to clearly differentiate him
from the rest of the army. So I think this current dwarf will be
relegated to becoming the army Battle Standard Bearer, which it turns
out I'm still in need of. Next up for this Dwarf is a oversized
warhammer (is there any other kind) and then the banner for the right


Richelieu said...

Rob, what are you using to hold the miniature? And it is looking really good.

retroalias said...

Thanks for the kinds words. I've never been very good with green stuff but the only way to get better is to practice.

I took an x-acto handle (the one for the larger blades)and drilled a small hole in the center of the opening. This gives me something to grab the brass rod I mounted in the bottom of the miniature. Essentially, you could do the same thing with a small pin vice. There are some better pix of it on the previous posts.

Richelieu said...

that is what i thought it might be with the slot that is on there. But then there was a picture where the gnarled area looked white and you had the clothes pin. So I just wasn't sure if it was a re purposed find from the sewing aisle, or something you had from work.

retroalias said...

In addition to sculpting I've primed a few models using it - hence the white paint. I've had it for a while and it's seen better days.

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