Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vampire Count Reenforcements

Just a quick post to show that I received the remainder of my Mantic Undead army for Wayland Games.  If you are on the fence about Wayland Games, I can't recommend them enough.  Not only was my purchase at a substantial discount but they shipped it free and I got it from the UK in under 2 weeks.

I was able to assemble all of them in about an hour but I still have to go back and clean up the models and green stuff some of the more egregious areas.  The resin wraiths are so much better then their metal counterparts that their really is no comparison.  I actually found the Soul Reavers a bit easier to assemble than the Revenant knights I assembled earlier, though the horses and the lower torsos are exactly the same.  I do wish that Mantic would release the Soul Reavers individually (are you listening Ronnie?) so that I could build a 10 man unit without doubling up on the Vampire Lord. 

Now I'm on to identifying other ranges that will work for the other Vampire Count units like the Vargulf and Spirit Hosts.


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