Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Release the Hounds

Finished these pups up for the Oktoberfest and Northstar tournaments for use as Treekin.

These are demonic hound models from Heresy Miniatures. There was quite a bit assembly / posing work to get some decent variation for 10 models but I'm pretty pleased for the effort put into them.

They painted up very quickly with the same dark skin shade from the unicorns and pegasi mounts. The blood is a bit muted on the skin but I still think the effect works.

I typically run them in two units of five so there's one missing (no doubt looking for Sigourney Weaver).


Sylvos said...

Hey Rodge, nice work and I can appreciate the use of alternate models in a Wood Elf list =). My question is: Why do you use them in units of 5? Btw damn you for running a hero on an eagle, I mentioned in our podcast how you corrupted me when I listened to yours and put the idea of a Wood Elf Noble on an eagle being a sweet idea. Now I can't make a list above 2500 without one! *curse you!*

Rogers said...

5 is about the minimum size to go up against infantry blocks and consistently win even when you roll pretty shitty. I like that I can go 5 wide if there's cannons and still get all of them in combat on most units. Against hordes, though, you definitely want to be in 3+2 to minimize attacks back. I really wish Tkin could get a muso for swifty reforms.

6 would be even better (and satisfy my need for symmetry) but if you are running lore of life you can go lean. If you fancy lore 'o beasts, I'd probably go 6 strong for a little extra padding.

I've been thinking about 3 units of 3 in a true MSU list. They're not that much more that dryad units and hit/stick a hell of a lot better (although much less maneuverable). Gotta keep that BSB/General in range, though, else you're toast when you flub.

I love the eagle hero! Very versatile.

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