Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mantic VC Army

Sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, I've been doing the boring grunt work on the Mantic VC army and there really isn't anything interesting to report.  As most will know I've purchased the entire Undead range from Mantic to make a Warhammer VC army or an Undead Kings of War army.  The only non Mantic miniature I have in the army so far is the Necromancer from Avatars of War.  I will certainly add more as Mantic does not make all the units that I need for a VC army (Dire Wolfs for example). Everything I currently have is assembled and now I'm waiting for a few more toys like the Soul Reaver Cavalry (thanks you Wayland Games 30% off) to finish off the army. 

Currently the army sits just over 500 models. I have no idea how many points I could field as I have not plugged anything into Army Builder yet.

150 Skeletons
120 Zombies
100 Grave Guard
100 Ghouls
10 Skeleton Archers
15 Wraiths
10 Black Knights
5 Blood Knights
5 Catapults
Vampire on Pegasus
Assorted Characters


Rogers said...

Yer a fukkin madman!

retroalias said...

Big armies are the only way to go!

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