Monday, November 14, 2011

Evolution of the Hobby Tower - Phase 1

A few years back I was fortunate enough to acquire a small "bonus" room above our garage that would serve as my man cave, hobby tower and home of all things awesome.  While it's not a large room by any stretch it is heated, semi air conditioned (thanks to Air2D2) and is a decent place to war game or watch the big game.  Most importantly it is all mine!  Over the last 5 years the area has also become a docking bay and warehouse to all the "stuff" (also known as crap in some circles) that I've collected over the years.  This is the result of the prime directive in my house, which is that all my "toys" have to stay in my room.

A few months ago I came to the conclusion that the room was so packed that I had a hard time making efficient use of the space.  It seemed I was constantly moving stuff around every time I wanted to adjust the space for a new project.  While this is mainly the result of too much stuff, it is also that I never set the space up properly.   One of the major deficiencies of the space is that it has slanted ceilings as the result of being directly under the roof.  As such the side walls are only 57" high rather than the normal 96" walls you find in most rooms.  Because of this I knew the first thing I needed was custom shelving that maximized my limited wall space.  In the plan I decided on wall to wall shelving on the south wall.  The only space not covered by shelving was over the air duct.  I also decided to have the gaming table on wheels to make it easily movable around the room. Here is my original and current layout for the room. 

Over the last 2 months I've started to construct the shelving units.  Below you can see the pix from the first two shelving units.  Each shelf is 3' wide, 12" deep and 57" tall.  After they get painted I will mount them to the wall and put trim in place to give it the built in look.  The center and bottom shelf are nailed in place and the other 2 shelves are adjustable in 2" increments. 

Just to get a feel for how much these would hold I loaded them up. It also gave me a chance to see if the shelf heights work with my assortment of crap. 

Turns out that I could really use more shorter shelves to make better use of the space.  Also, I dropped the adjustable shelves to make the shelving units more solid (it also speeds up construction).  Finally, I needed to reduce the overhang on the front trim to make sure that I could use 100% of the space on the shelves.  Here is shelf number 3 (which is identical to shelves 4 and 5), which contains all of my hobby supplies.  It's a big improvement and much more organized than what I was using before. 

So here is a quick snapshot of the current state of the room.  I have 5 shelving units fished with one more to go.  I also still have to start on my gaming table, which I've yet to lock down the design for.  It has to be 6' x 4', but I'm thinking about making it 4' x 4' that expands the extra 2 feet to play Warhammer.  Or I may just build it 6' x 4' to give a permanent home to my Realm of Battle board.  I'm also really digging the Black Library prints that I picked up recently as nothing says fanboy like Nagash and Sigmar on your wall!  I'm liking where it's heading and looking forward to seeing the space develop. 


noeste said...

What a transformation! Love the look of your man cave. Afraid I'm not able to give any advice on how you should construct a gaming table, or how to fit it in, but best of luck with it.

Roder said...

Awesome room, I'd love to have one of those myself.

retroalias said...

THanks for the feedback. Even though its been a lot of work, it's been worth every minute as it will make my future hobby time more enjoyable.

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