Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dwarf Steam Mining Drill Part 2

Let me start with a shout out to Chaos Orc's Superstore.  I bought a bunch of kits to push the project along on Tuesday night well after normal business hours and received the order in the mail today, all at a generous discount.  I can't recommend them enough, if you are in the market you should check them out.

With plenty of bits and several bottles of glue in hand I got to spend some much needed hobby time on the project.  Interestingly it went in a different direction than I was originally planning to take it.  Not to surprising since I work very organically piece by piece and the plan is in a constant state flux.  I had purchased an Ork (yes with a a "K") War Trakk with hopes of using the treads.  When I got a chance to play around with the treads I couldn't really make it work as they were a little over sized for the small cannon frame.  Plus I had a nagging feeling that it looked to "hi-tech" for a Fantasy Dwarf army so I eventually through in the towel and moved on to other ideas.

From the work in progress pix above you can see that I spiced up the plastic cannon kit with some fantastic gears from Dragon Forge and a bit of plasticard.  Their metal gear set is FANTASTIC for any buddy Dwarf general.  I also scrapped the current front dozer blade and the extension in the back.  I realize that the front end sort of looks a bit like a 15mm World War 2 artillery piece, but I assure you the resemblance is only temporary.  Still a long ways to go but I'm excited to see where this project goes.


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