Monday, November 21, 2011

Dwarf Mining Drill Part 4

Not a lot of changes on the war machine itself.  I did attempt to put vents in the barrel and I'm afraid it turned out terribly.  So I had to spend some time to undo the changes.  Here is the assembled pix of the Mining Drill, no promises I won't make more tweaks if an idea pops in my head. 


Had a busy afternoon working on the crew.  Originally, I was going to go with just 2 separate crew plus the operator.  But to make it easier to track the wounds I went ahead and created a third crewmen.  The guy on the left is a grizzled veteran who gets the dirty jobs of clearing debris free from the drill to keep it running.  No real conversion work except the shovel arm and sculpting some hair and straps on his head.  The right guy's job is to provide lighting and keep the drill positioned correctly.  This guy had more conversion work with a full face mask (same style I used on my Miner Champion) out of green stuff.  Finally we get to the coolest (and latest addition) to this motley crew.  He is the main engineer and his job from the looks of his drill slung over his back he is to kick ass.  Obviously, this guy has a lot more kit bashing and a few green stuff elements.  In particular his full face mask (in the open potion) and his ridiculous (it actually used to be longer) steam drill came out pretty awesome.   I will probably get a few more bits and bobs on these guys early this week.  I expect everything will be ready for paint by later this week.



Lord Azaghul said...

I like it.

As long as you don't try a 'steam golem' next!

retroalias said...

Sounds too Chaos Dwarfy to me. You need to send me pix when you finish it up.

Rogers said...


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