Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dwarf Mining Drill Part 3

Got another afternoon freed up to work on this fun project.  I've went in and added the finishing touches like rivets and the fuel barrel on the back of the platform.  I've also assembled the crew using portions from the miner and cannon kit.  I did this so that I can tie this unit to the mining theme of the army even though I suppose the big drill on the front will do that for me.  I still have to fill gaps and add some green stuff details.  I've also hit a bit of a wall in terms of the front dozer blade.  I just can't get it to work, even though I've created 3 different versions now.  So I think I'm going to go sans blade. Another thing I need to wrap up is to make the white barrel on the front of the machine look more like a shock absorber.  Project is coming along nicely and it the assembly work should be wrapped up by the end of the week.



Mr Saturday said...

I love this project, it's turning out just fantastic. I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished. Also, I'm keeping a close eye on the components you're using so I can nab some for my chaos dwarf models, especially those gears.

retroalias said...

Thanks for the kind words. Those Dragon Forge gears ae sweet. I just wish I would have purchases a couple sets!

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