Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dwarf Mining Drill Done and Dusted

Finally had a little time to finish up the crew.  Here are the final pix of the assembled crew and war machine.  I'm looking forward to getting this under the brush right after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Now with this project out of my head I need to start thinking about my Man of Intrigue model and a new display board for Waaaghpaca.  Any suggestions? 



Rogers said...

I'd like to see an ant farm style display board. So a the usual 2'x3' flipped on its side with tunnels 'n shit.

Also, lovely work here, bud.

retroalias said...

Funny you should mention a display board. I'm actually starting to think about this a lot. I REALLY like your idea. I was also thinking about a top down view of a set of and mines.

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