Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Revisiting the DoW: They've got Character!

Let's take a look at a few heroes past. A few chaps who served the gods of war admirably in their day.


Here we have the final incarnation of my paymaster on foot. This figure was originally on a 20mm base with the two gnoblar attendants also on 20mm bases (as unit fillers for whatever unit he was in). The chest was also a 20x40mm unit filler for most of its existence as well. With the release of the Indy GT DoW book, however, a Paychest upgrade for a paymaster become available. The upgrade increased the BSB's reroll range to 18" and added two bodyguard models to the paymaster's profile as well. I had the perfect opportunity to combine these figs into one interesting figure!

Here we have a model I did up specifically for Johnny and I's team tourney army. He converted up a mercenary sort of Dwarf general and this is my Dwarf-ish sort of mercenary. A foot model may have been more appropriate, but an old DoW hero on foot was one of the most pathetically useless choices in the game. At least on a horse he could run to the other side of the board before dying.

Here we have Mr. Nunez, the first mercenary general and able fighter until the "Enchanted Shield Incident" of Adepticons past. He was originally a Fighter model in a warhammer based D&D campaign (and slew many a zombie).


Here we have Rodge, the last mercenary general. So named for a certain resemblance to his painter. He is magnetized to the horse and can be removed to ride a Mighty Dragon if need be. I believe the horse's skull came from a Blood Bowl saurus or kroxigor. The horse was originally for a mounted paymaster, but was usurped by Rodge here. And if ye don't mind, he'll be riding off into the sunset.

Am I selling the DoW?
No, not at this point.

Will they be returning?
It's possible, but not in the near future. I have no interest in the Indy GT DoW list, so if they they came back to a tourney, they would likely be run as Empire. Due to the plethora of non-human units (something which attracted me to the DoW in the first place), though, I would likely have to paint up a few units to get the list up to a playable 2,000 points. It would likely be many a moon before I built up the motivation for that.


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