Saturday, October 1, 2011

Revisiting the DoW: Nothing Special

Here we have the special units from my DoW list.

First up, these little (magnificent) bastards:


These boys served me well throughout 7th edition and were among the early DoW units. I definitely got some mileage out of this mob of BS4 bowshots. At Ld9, Lumpin Croop was actually the highest Ld character in the army when I ran with my Wizard Lord lists! Going into 8th, these potbellies became a little less attractive compared to their friends manning the hotpots and I often left them to root from the sidelines.


Here we have Manny the frickin maneater. Run solo with a great weapon, his job was to bust chariots or assassinate characters back in the day. This strategy relied on actually getting a couple of his four attacks to hit, though, which never seemed to happen. He would usually survive the first round of counterattacks but invariably botched his Ld8 stubborn check and brought some pain one pursuit move closer to my lines. Although the new Ogre Kingdoms books removes the old mercenary ogres rules entirely, Maneaters yet remain in the Indy GT list as a 1+ model count unit. Someday he may hit the field again. I use the term 'hit' very loosely...

Here we hit some special selection gold! The Slayer Pirates were and still remain a solid choice even into 8th edition. Eight billion pistol shots plus unbreakable, what more could a nubile young general ask for? I always wanted to expand to 30 for some ten wide horde action, but they always did well enough at 20 strong. I don't know how many times Long Drong ended the game as a single model, keeping 1/2 or all of their VPs out of the hands of my vile enemies. If you're thinking of DoW, this is the first unit on your buy list.

Here we have the other special slot staple unit. Shown here as six strong for 8th, they were traditionally run in two units of three or four and provided some much needed hitting power to an army of anvils. The swords were made of plasticard at the recommendation of Mr. Mike Butcher. I had actually never used the stuff previously. The spike on the banner pole actually comes off, in case I ever wanted to add a lookout gnoblar or halfling!

That's it?
Pretty much all my lists included the Halflings, Ogres and Dwarfs, which left no room for any other toys.

There were a few ideas, however.

After Johnny and I's first Dwarf + DoW team tourney win, I got to see how great the list would play if I could use Dwarf infantry instead of my weedy old pikes. Then I realized, I could take plain old Dwarf infantry in my special slots! I resolved to do up two units of 22 to replace my two units of 22 pikemen (which comes out substantially cheaper points wise to boot!). I only ever converted up a few of the buggers, though. At that point in the army life cycle, I'd already lost my zeal for such schemes.

There was also a greenskin expansion in the works for some Ruglud's Orcs and Hobgoblin wolf boys done up in fancy poofy clothes. However, the rules for either were never that great and if you take any greenskins, you can't take the Slayer Pirates, which was a heavy price to pay indeed.

Next segment, Characters!


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