Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Reikland Ogre

The second model of my Empire themed Ogres is done.

Just like the first guy he's based on an Empire Great Sword, and is intended to be used as an Iron Gut. As you can see, he's a musician. There are many more detailed pics of the building of him (and his compadres) @

The steps of his construction were very much like the steps involved in making the first one. I therefore won't list them all again. The only difference was the making of the drum.

This drum, which is actually the second attempt, is based on a wooden thread spool. I bought a pack of them at the craft store for less than $2. I had to cut out the center, and reattach the ends together to make it shorter. From there, I smoothed over the cut line with greenstuff. Then I added plasticard half-round pieces to add some detail to it, along with greenstuff bolts. The top was greenstuffed over to smooth it up, and fill the hole that ran through the center of the spool. The only other bit of detail I added to the drum was the parchment. This idea came from looking at actual Empire drums on

Other than that, there were a few other small things I did different on this guy from the first one. The straps on his sides that attach the breast plate to the back plate were made more detailed. I put some hair on his head, but left the sides with none. I figured that I could paint the sides of this head to look like they were stubble when I got to that point.

That's about it. Enjoy.


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