Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts Part 4

Welcome to the fourth installment of my Warhammer Fantasy Podcast Review.  I realize that it's been a while since I posted part 3 and since that time there have been some important changes.  Most notably, and regrettably, the WaaaghCast has decided to end it's long run.  I wish Joe and Chuck best of luck in their future endeavors and I hope to catch up with them at WAAAGH! Paca next year.  Also Ben Johnson has left the Bad Dice podcast and conspiracy theories abound as to why.  For me, I just assume that there is only so much Ben Curry one man can take.  :) Finally there is still no word from Brohammer.  So I'm inferring it's on permanent hiatus at least until we get closer to Brawler Bash next year.


Hosted by 3 friends Andrew, Bob and Jake that are tournament regulars in the Mid-West that have respectable gaming backgrounds and understanding of fantasy rules mechanics.  Unlike other podcasts I don't think you can label each host (power gamer, hobby gamer, etc).  Instead each of the hosts are well rounded (maybe outside of painting) which gives the casts the flexibility to keep going if the are down a host.  One of the best parts of the cast is that Andrew opinions are "unique".  Whether the Ohio meta game is that different or if Andrew is marching to his own beat the net effect is that he always has an unusual take on the game, especially in regards to army composition (17 drop OnG army and limited magic?).  It is especially funny to hear Andrew lay out one of his theories only to be smashed repeatably by Bob and Jake.  It's a good show that is putting out Fantasy specific content on a regular basis and I hope this trend continues long into the future. 


Hailing from my home state of Michigan this quirky podcast sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd by only having one host.  At the most basic level this means your getting a singular perspective of "their" hobby.  This is beneficial in that the cast length is significantly less than other casts.  It's also a negative in that you lose any content that is organically created from the discussion between hosts.  Sean does an excellent job of pacing the show and I enjoy the musical interludes of the heavy metal variety that he interjects between the content.  Another nice touch is he avoids regurgitating the same news that you can get from a host of other podcast.  He takes it one step further by extending this to creating original content that is usually not duplicated by the other podcasts.  For example his recent episodes feature interviews with 4 Black Library authors, including ones that I've never heard interviewed anywhere else.  Finally, Sean seems to make an extra special effort of promoting other podcasts, which is good for listeners everywhere.

Finally, I wanted to give a shout of to CanHammer.  The only thing worse than watching Hobo with a Shotgun is listening to a review of it!  :)  Keep up the good work, love the cast.

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Joe Flesch said...

Thanks very much for the kind words. Remember I'm keeping the Blog going with regular updates and I do plan on dropping occasional podcasts and video's, but they'll only be available on the Blog hosted by my personal web space and not through I-Tunes. Hopefully you'll keep up with us!

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