Friday, September 16, 2011

A Troll by any Other Name

My growing Orcs and Goblins army includes a moderately sized contingent of Trolls that I would like to share with you.  With most of these models my goal was to paint them up quickly using many speed painting techniques, especially washes.  I will be writing up a tutorial on this subject in the future. 

First up are stock standard trolls of the one piece, plastic, mono pose, battle for skull pass variety.  I painted these 3 models up in a single evening using base colors, few highlights and lots of Devlan Mud.

Next up are the river trolls.  The unit is 9 strong, 3 of which are the new plastic models while 6 are much older models I purchased from a Halfling collector named Stormie of SoCal.  I'm not happy with the 3 new models that I assembled and painted because I was so successful in making them stand out from the rest of my OnG units that they don't blend well within the army.  I may end up dumping all 9 of these guys and starting over on a new unit in the future. 


 Finally we come to my Stone Trolls.  It's unfortunate that they are not as good as the River Trolls in the new book as I really have a great fondness for these old models.  My unit is twelve strong however I only painted 3 of them from scratch.  The other 9 were purchased from a friend and refurbished by me.  In the future I will write a tutorial on how I go about refurbishing models as it's a great option to get models to the tabletop fast.



Rogers said...

Sweet! You're one special character model away form a Warriors of Chaos army!

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