Saturday, September 3, 2011

Terrain Showcase - Helms Deep

I have a passion for terrain and I really enjoy finding items in unusual places that I can convert to war gaming terrain.  A few years ago I was scouring a Goodwill store and I stumbled upon a LotR Helms Deep play set.  While it is terribly out of scale as it was for use with action figures it looked so cool I just had to buy it.  I mounted the 3 pieces that made up the set to hardboard and textured the board with sand. Then I added some balsa wood ladders and platforms to the inside of the castle to make it more 25mm friendly.  Finally I painted up the piece using a heavy dose of dry brushing and applied washes sporadically to add stains to the stone.  I'm really happy with the finished castle and though it hasn't made it to the table yet it has made an excellent backdrop for my Dwarf army! 


Unknown said...

This is a fantastic idea!! Please post some more of how you carved the balsa wood and made it into platforms, ladders and the ramp that leads to the castle. I also have this set. :)

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