Saturday, September 17, 2011

Revisiting the Dow: Storm of Mercenary Magic

So I'll be sharing the various wizard models I've done up over the years. Pretty much every incarnation of the army included a Wizard Lord (assuming the proper points level). Even after 8th edition made the Mercenary Lord a viable option, I continued to go the Wizard Lord route in order to give my pathetic pikemen a boost augment.
Wizard #1 - Lore of Shadow

So I have to admit this guy is probably my favorite of the bunch. He is one of my Shadow Mages. The original idea was to have five level one wizards, a Jester Troupe if you will, spamming Mystifying Miasma (and trading places in a most annoying fashion!). This plan did not make it past the first couple test games but I liked the idea so much for this home-made "Regiment of Renown" that I still picked up the models.

The 40k Harlequins work pretty well if you get rid of the pistols and tubes. They still got the backpacks. But we'll just assume they're magical backpacks. The guy above was painted shortly before the Gorillas, which were the last models I painted for the DoW.

Wizard #2 - Lore of Shadow

Another Shadow Mage. I used this one as a Hireling Wizard  for some time in 8th. Before I realized that a single Level 4 was about 98% as good as a Level 4 and Level 2. I really like how it looks like she's jumping over the vine in the middle of some serious spellslinging.

Wizard #3, #4, #5 - Lore of Shadow

Here are the three other members of the Shadow Troupe. They are the only WIP models I could not bear to part with. Someday I will yet paint 'em to complete my Regiment of Renown.

You can see most of the bits came from the High Elf mage sprue, except for the middle guy. He was the originally going to be the Troupe leader. His hands are both from the Empire General plastic set.

Wizard #6 - Lore of Death

So here we have the quintessential DoW Wizard Lord, Lucretia Belladonna. I don't recall ever using her as a special character, but she served faithfully throughout 7th edition as my Lore of Death Wizard Lord. (I liked all the magic missiles.)

She was painted entirely in an Adepticon hotel room! Maybe it shows... I was happy enough I never went back. The highlights are not as well blended as I would normally use for a character. They are perfect for a poppin' rank and file but look a little forced under the close scrutiny you would expect of a character.

Wizard #7 - Lore of Metal

Here we have the prodigal son rounding out the wizards. The Shadow Mage up top was the third to last model I did for the DoW. Here is the third model painted for the army, period! Overall, I still like this model and paint job quite a bit. The figure is an old GW Wizard of some sort. I used him for Lore of Metal initially. (see the staff turning to steel!) Lately, he saw some action as the "Druid" for the "Giants of Albion" in the 3k tourney at the last Adepticon.

That's it? Well... I did model up an Amazon Priestess to accompany the "Giants of Albion" themed Gorillas before I decided to go the Rhinox Rider route with them. There was a metal 7th Ed Battle Wizard converted to wear a bearded celtic-style mask before I decided that I wanted a mounted Lore of Death Wizard Lord instead. Then there's the Truthsayer converted to wear a stegadon helm that joined the fray for a while. There may be others as well, in truth, but only the souls you see above made it to the finish line. Such is the life of a mercenary...


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