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Rule of the Day - Stomp / Thunderstomp

Rule of the Day 09/06/2011

Due to a request from the Rodge and something I read online today, I felt a RotD on Stomping was in order.

Stomp - pg 76
A model with this special rule can make a Stomp in addition to its other close combat attacks.  A Stomp has the Always Strikes Last special rule, and inflicts 1 automatic hit, at the model's strength, on one enemy infantry, war beasts or swarm unit in base contact with the model.

Thunderstomp - pg 76
Thunderstomp makes D6 hits on the target unit, rather than the single hit for a normal Stomp.  It is otherwise treated exactly like a normal Stomp.
Chariots NO Stomp - pg 86
Sometimes a chariot will either be pulled by monstrous cavalry or crewed by monstrous infantry.  In either case, no stomp attacks are permitted (*fluff justification*).

Buildings - Special Attacks - pg 128
For special attacks (such as stomps) and items that affect models in base contact,
a model fighting in a building is assumed to be in base contact with one enemy model
nominated by the enemy player unless fighting in a challenge, of course, in which case
they are in contact with the model they are fighting!

BRB Applicable FAQ Updates

Q: Do special rules that can inflict hits in close combat, such as
Stomp and Breath Weapons, count as close combat attacks?

A: No they count as an unusual attack and will be distributed
as a shooting attack.

Q: Do Stomps or Thunderstomps benefit from any other special
rules, equipment or magic items? Or vice versa? (p76)

A: No to both questions.

Q: When a model has multiple profiles and the Stomp or
Thunderstomp special rule, which profile is used to determine the
Strength of the hit(s)? (p76)

A: You always use the mount’s profile.

Q: If a model with a Breath Weapon, Stomp or Thunderstomp is in
a challenge, can these attacks hit models not in the

A: No.

Lizardman FAQ Updates
Q: Can you Stomp or Thunderstomp a unit of Skinks that
contains Kroxigor? (p94)

A: No, a mixed unit has the troop type of Unique.

Skaven FAQ Updates
Q: Can I target a unit with The Curse of the Horned Rat
comprised of infantry and non-infantry models? (p79)

A: No, unless all of the non-infantry models are characters.
Such units are unique units and as such cannot be targeted by
The Curse of the Horned Rat. Note that adding a character to a
unit of a different troop type will not make that unit unique, it’s
troop type will be unchanged.

As you can see, there are a Plethora of rules covering stomps.  Let's see if we can boil this down and make it simple;
  • Who can be stomped? Unit Types: Infantry, war beasts and swarms 
  • Who can not be stomped? Unit Types: Monst. Inf., Cavalry, Monst. Cavalry, Mostr. Beasts, Monsters, Chariots, War Machines, and Unique Units.
  • Additionally, a mixed Skink / Kroxigor unit from the Lizardman can not be stomped per the Lizard FAQ.  Some folks think that by killing the Kroxigor in a Skrox unit the unit is no longer a mixed unit.  (*I personally am of the belief that a unit never changes type in the course of a game except in rare circumstances where transmutations type effects occur.)
  • It is also a commonly held belief that a Giant Rat / Handler unit could not be stomped by extrapolating the same ruling (it is also a mixed unit).
  • You CAN stomp a unit in a building (provided it is a type of INF, WB, or SW)
  • You CAN stomp in a challenge provided that the enemy is still alive when it is "time" to stomp (and all of the other conditions are met)
  • Does adding a character to the unit change that fact?  No.   Rules Source - Combined units (pg 99-100) & Skaven FAQ above.  Adding a character to a unit does not change the units troop type, nothing in the rules tells us that this occurs and the Skaven FAQ even further guides us that it does not.
  • No special rules, items / equipment EVER apply to Stomps / Thunderstomps.  So no boosted or ASF Stomping!!!
That is all for today feel free to comment here if you have any questions or concerns.



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