Friday, September 9, 2011

Royal Family of Kislev: Rasputin

 This is the big bad daddy that will most often be running the show... Slaughtermaster Rasputin.

He bears much in common with his namesake... Powerful, commanding, brimming with mystic insight and abilities, nigh unkillable... and quite popular with the ladies.

He'll be in charge at Waaghpaca, while Ivan the Terrible will be feasting on kislevite aristocrats from the comfort of his favorite usurped throne.

Got more action than Hefner.

Really looking forward to painting this fella. I have about a week's worth (or two) of modelling left to do on the army, then I think I can get down to painting.


Domus said...

I love this guy and can't want to see the whole finished army.

I have to admit though, I am still a HUGE fan of the Rasputin you previously did (which I think you said Stubby has now).

I'd highly recommend re-visiting a guy like that just because the awesomeness of his robes & beard.

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