Friday, September 9, 2011

Revisiting the DoW: Gorillas in the Mist!

I have gotten more great comments on these two gorillas than on any other models I have done for the DoW, including Clompers the Giant! (who has yet to make an appearance on this blog, but soon!)


Gamewise, I mostly use them as non-bull Rhinox Riders with heavy armor. The idea was the ogre attacks are represented by the Amazon.

In any case, that set up puts them at a mere 106 points, which is a good enough deal that I don't mind them getting gutted with a cannonball every once in a while. They're great for taking out auxiliary units and also chipping in a few wounds in protracted combats. With swifstride, I've used them for redirecting and also as diverters if need be. Overall, I was usually pretty pleased with how they performed.

I've also used them as the Giants of Albion and really liked how they worked. In the Indy GT DoW book, the Giants of Albion are Toughness 6, which is a big difference. A normal giant would get shredded by S4 infantry, not these guys, though. As it seems like Rhinox Riders are now defunct with the normal book, I will have to use them as Giants of Albion if I dust off the DoW again.

Both of these models are all metal and weigh 1.25 pounds each!! I bought them off ebay and just giggled uncontrollaby to myself as I opened the compact yet absurdly hefty package.

These giggles would soon turn to tears. They chip very easily despite the several layers of varnish and can ding themselves up pretty badly if they ever fall over. My converted Feather gorilla is stable but the stock Skull guy is definitely not. While painting him, he fell over onto his face and completely smashed in his lips. I had to totally resculpt them. Just transporting them is a beast (let's just say *lots* of magnets) and I end up having to touch them up before each tourney.

Both gorillas are based off the same reaper model. The necklaces are conversions. The amazon figures are from the Mordheim warband. The Skull Gorilla is in the stock pose, while the Feather gorilla has been converted. The way it worked out, the Feather Gorilla ended up with a super burly pair of shoulders compared to the stock model, so I had to go back and sculpt beefier shoulders on the Skull Gorilla. Both shoulders on both gorillas are completely green stuffed. 

Overall, I like how they turned out but Oden almighty these guys were a lot of work. Models these hefty present a number of technical challenges. Let's hope Reaper gets on board with the finecast shit soon, because I can not recommend these (or any other super huge metal figs from Reaper) as serious gaming figures.


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