Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revisiting the DoW: Artillery

I started the Dogs of War in the mid-2000s and have been consistently adding to them ever since. 

Now that my wood elf project is wrapped up, I thought I would take updated pictures of all my old DoW figs and also share my thoughts on these old models.

This cannon was one of the first units I painted for the army back in 2006 or so. The cannon itself is one of the Bronzino Galloper Gun cannons and, although I played quite a few games with the Gallopers, I never painted up the horse and chassis crew or Bronzino. In 6th and 7th edition, the Gallopers were a fair pick. You would not believe how useful it was to have your cannons still be alive on turns 5 and 6. (Hint: after the mid-game carnage, there are generally not many spots for a character to hide anymore) With 8th, however, the S10 / d6 wounds of the mundane cannon are just way too useful (especially with S7 auto destroy for chariots getting dropped).

This is the second war machine I did, built back when the bitz service was still around. The spotter gnoblar here is a metal one from the scraplauncher I believe. The lookout perchs were made out of styrene plastic tubes, a styrene sheet platform and green stuff for the ropes.

I did up a Hot Pot in 2008 and took it to a single tournament. I really liked the models but it wasn't that great on the battlefield. In 8th ed, however, these have become no brainers with the template rules. They are the only stone thrower that still allows no armor save. (or -3 if you are using the Indy GT rules) 

This piece of kit was incredibly useful in 7th ed and my big tourney winning lists always had the Gobbo Hewer. I painted most of the crew and all of the machine in the Adepticon Hotel, not sure which year. I ditched the base after seeing how delicate Hastings' Hewer was, plus that meant less I had to paint! In 8th ed, it seemed like it would be more useful with proliferation of blocks, but it just can't deliver the same devastation of a stone thrower or even a Hot Pot.

So these guys fill in as my second Hot Pot. I completed them in 2010 after 8th ed came out. I always loved the old skullchucker model and have been trying to figure out a way to use if for years. The pygmies are Conquest Miniatures figures and I really like how they fit the jungle theme going on.

The new DoW Indy GT rulebook includes rules for a light bolt thrower type war machine. If I ever revisit these guys, I might have to do up a couple of skinks wielding a great bow as a proxy! Only when 9th ed comes out, though, because I bet bolt throwers will totally be the shit again!


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