Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick Tips #1

This first tip is provided to us by Thomas Cowlin from across the pond.  
"A way to get contrast between bases and models is simply to paint it starting with its opposite primer (white primed models with black primed bases and vice versa). Paint separately then pin together."

Contrast between the base and the model is an important element that can really makes or break the paint job.  Essentially you want the model to "pop" off the base.  This can be achieved by placing a light colored model on a dark base or vice versa.  As my Tomb Kings army will attest, it's not always easy to achieve.  The army is a light colored bone model on a light colored sand covered base, which really doesn't provide much for contrast.  Take an even more extreme example of where you paint the model and base the same exact color.  If you use separate primers for the model and base (white and black) you will still end up with contrast as model paints typically look significantly different when covering black versus white.

To thank Tom for his contribution to our blog we've sent him a small token of our appreciation in the form of a gift certificate to Wayland Games.    


Rogers said...

Nice! I like this tip and will give her a try on my lizardmen. Contrast plays a big role in any well painted army (and it's something the new guys often don't always consider).

This also makes me think of the edge of bases. If you find that your sand/gravel/what have you blends in to your model, painting your edges black always gets you some nice contrast. Pull out a few rank 'n file and try some different edge colors, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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