Friday, September 2, 2011

Masterclass with Mathieu Fontaine

I spent last weekend in Chicago with two of my great wargaming pals, Tom McClure and Caius J.

We went up for the weekend to take a Masterclass put on by multiple Golden Demon winning painting Mathieu Fontaine.  His website can be found here.

Finished Ogre here - more pics below...

We arrived in Chicago and headed first to the Plus store where we simply amazed by the sheer amount of miniatures stocked and the variety of manufacturers.  We all agreed it was one of the best game stores we have ever had the pleasure to visit.  You can see great pics of the store on Mathieu's webpage under his Chicago Masterclass review.

Imagine my surprise to see Sam Witwer of BattleStar Galactica (Crashdown) and Being Human (Aidan) walk in the store.  I'm  a fan of both shows.  I let him know I was a fan of both shows and then scuttled back to my shopping as not to intrude too terribly on the guys life.  He's much shorter than I thought he would be.

Classes started Saturday morning.  We had class from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Being good students, we were there a half hour early but due to some unforseen delays didn't get started until 9:30.  It did give us a nice chance to mingle though.

Saturday morning was spent first discussing the priming technique Mathieu uses.  It was quite a bit different to prime a singular model than what I am used to priming entire units at a time.  (*Mathieu had chosen an Ogre Bull as our test model to paint largely due to the large flat surfaces)

We then moved on to basecoating and then started shading our pants.  Mathieu had us basecoat in a midtone, shade down and then highlight up.  All using some new (to me) blending techniques.
The single biggest thing I learned from this class was highlight and shadow placement, something I've often struggled with.  Mathieu's instruction was to see the object (be it muscle, pants, etc..) as a sphere and highlight up the top and shade down the bottom.  Hit me like the "Duh Truck" with the sheer amount of sense it made.

We painted skin in the afternoon and had discussion on both Color Theory and composition.  Both topics were very enlightening.

Sunday, class was from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  We worked on metals, faces and more discussion.

We didn't finish our miniature in class but I basecoated each piece still showing primer.  I just couldn't leave with primer on the model.

I fully plan to leave the model in this state as a reminder of all I learned and my weekend overall. 

At the end of the day it was well worth the time and money spent and I would encourage anyone looking to venture into competition-level painting to look into similar classes.

Here are some pics of the mini I painted.  I was really pleased with the pants.  Some of the skin areas came out great, some not so much.  1 side of the sword looks good and the other is REALLY bad.  Hair, teeth, belt, boots, ironfist, etc are all just basecoated.  



Rogers said...

Very nice Domus! What colors were used on the skin?

Domus said...

Thanks Rodge. Paints used were P3 variety. Ryn Flesh, Sanguine Base in varying amounts to shade and Menoth White Highlight added in varying amounts for highlights.

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