Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just like Starting Over...

A very fitting title for this post for a number of reasons.

1) My 12th year Wedding Anniversary is this weekend and that Lennon tune is "our song"

2) I'm finally getting back to the Dark Elves I started in 2009.  The first decision I've made is to abandon completely the old basing.  It just didn't represent the cavern floor effect I was trying to achieve.

I've decided to firstly go with bases from Litko Aerosystems.  Good quality and a good price but a little slow getting delivered.  The big reason for these bases is that the edges are not beveled unlike the GW bases.  This will enable me to further get the "cavern floor" effect with little to no gaps.  Additionally, as seen below, I will be using layers of cork to stagger the unit.  This isn't the greatest decision game-wise (true line of sight and all) but I've modified my list, stressing the theme first and "fun factor" second. 

I will also build custom movement trays (instead of using the GW plastic as seen here) which mimic the basing.  Lots of details will be added (sand, stalactites, mushrooms and spiders to name a few) and I will work to cover any of the existing gaps with some modeling putty.

The army will feature 3-4 blocks of infantry.

Completion date for this army will be the Waaaghpaca! tournament in Jan 2012.  So, I've got a fair amount of work ahead of me.



PsychosisPC said...

You've missed the Chinese Takeout box at Adepticon of GF9 wood the past couple of years, apparently.

They are just as good as the Litko. I've used both for my historicals. Good quality.

Domus said...

I looked at those before I ordered. I needed some sizes not contained in there (40x40, cav bases, monster & chariot bases, and 60mm rounds).

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