Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garden of Morr - Part 1

Recently GW released a new terrain kit, Garden of Morr, to much fanfare and Internet buzz.  So as any good fan boy would, I purchased a kit for myself to see what all the hype is about.

My first impression is that this kit is a bit of a mixed bag.  I was initially disappointed after opening the box as  there was not as many sprues as I was expecting to find. Having heard endlessly about how much table coverage could be achieved by breaking up the kit and spreading it out i was expecting to find more than just the 4 small pieces plus walls.  However, even considering that this kit does provide an adequate amount of plastic for the price which makes this kit a decent value. Plus every fan boy needs to have a graveyard for their table right?

With every new kit GW seems to be upping the ante and making the kits more and more detailed.  On the whole this kit really packs some excellent detail, though there are a a few spots on the terrain, most notably inside tombs that are meant to be mostly covered up, that could have used a little more love.  Now this level of detail goes along ways IF you can live with the skulls that GW has plastered EVERYWHERE, in EVERY nook and cranny of this kit.  I realize that is is GW's attempt to put their own stamp on this terrain kit, but I imagine there are many a player who will not like the overall aesthetic (yes I'm looking at you GB).  Short of the large skull over the gate I don't mind the rest of the skulls as they are small enough to go without notice.

After examining the instructions and clipping out the sprues I was disappointed to find that this kit is not customizable at all.  Over the years GW has decided that their plastic terrain kits are what you see is what you get.  Here again there are not alternative ways to put this kit together.  In fact short of a couple of decisions on where the gargoyle decorations will go there are very little options.

Finally, we get to the most important subject, how does this kit go together.  Very quickly.  Partly because of the few pieces that make up each section, but mostly it's just the kit has been really well designed.  The whole thing went together in less than an hour

Overall, I really think this is a must purchase for any serious hobbyist, especially if they own a gaming table.  In the next installment we will look at how this kit paints up and how it works in game on the table.


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