Monday, September 5, 2011

The First Reikland Ogre

Here's the first completed Empire themed Ogre. At long last. Don't ask when the next one will be done, 'cuz I ain't making any bloody promises!

He's based on an Empire Great Sword, and is intended to be used as an Iron Gut. You can see detailed pics of the building of this fellas @

The first step in the process was hacking the ogre model all to bits. I removed the boots from the legs, cut the toes off the boots, and then reattached it all with a half inch piece of sprue as a shin bone. That made him taller, and more properly proportioned.

After that, I roughly filled in the stomach hole that the gut plate was supposed to cover, and roughly filled out the legs as well. One the putty was dry, I used a modeling knife and shaped the legs so they weren't all fat. From there I worked from the feet up doing putty work.

The toes, the heels, the the tops of the boots were created. The armor plates on the legs were built. The puffy pants were added. The straps for the leg armor was put on. The breastplate was done, then the back plate; followed by straps to hold the two together.
The collar was done, then the work began on the puffy sleeves.

Once the sleeves were done, I built the custom sword. Once rough built, it had to be puttied up. In the meantime, I fixed the back of his head, and added the facial hair.

The sword is only tacked on in these pics. It'll be off for painting (which won't happen for a while). Anyways, that's it. If you wanna see WIP shops, go to


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