Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't be that guy!

Leave your own caption in the comments!


Rogers said...

Other suitable captions:
"You said you're out of dispel dice...? Suck it!!"

"Mhagic Mhithile!" (pronounced with strong lisp)


Minitrol said...

The guy with no sleeves? This is true at a certain age and of a certain "body type" sleeves are no longer options.

Joe Flesch said...

unholy trinity

redneck with sleeveless flannel
loser with mullet
bald dork with glasses

Johnny Hastings said...

I resent that 'bald dork with glasses' comment.

The Bear said...

Funny, when Johnny whips out his "Forbidden Rod" it looks nothing like that (and it certainly doesn't shoot lightning!).

Domus said...

Me too John!

Mr Mullet is clearly thinking "Look at the size of that wand!"

Mr Saturday said...

That sleeveless gentleman is obviously trying to save a man's life here, by using his pre-warmed rod to stop that lightning (clearly life force) pouring out of his opponents neck. I applaud his public spirit, if not his wardrobe.

Joe Flesch said...

I believe John's cock copter would easily defeat the forbidden rod.

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