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Revisiting the DoW: Dogs of Core

My core choices have remained quite consistent throughout the evolution of the army from 6th, to 7th, to 8th edition. The only real difference was that in 7th edition, I took loads more duellists. Now, not so much. In any case, let's take a dig through the littercase and see what turds we can come up with.

The Pikemen shown here are 25 strong, which is how I fielded them in 8th ed. Early on in 7th, they were formed as two units of 22, which was later changed to one large unit of Pizarro's Lost Legion. About a half dozen of the painted pikemen had their pikes swapped for crossbows as a result of this.

All my large tournament wins in 7th featured the Lost Legion. They were just as pathetic as pikes in combat, but had the added bonus of some shooting. 7 crossbow shots can be very annoying against fast cav, eagles, lone wizards, fanatics and the like.

These Duellists were pretty nasty little units in 7th edition. In 8th, I've only been using them as Look out sir fodder for my Wizard Lord and Paymaster behind the lines. These were the first models I did up for the Dogs. Their ponchos are some of my first greenstuff work!

These little buggers got used as another Duellist unit. They are a mix of the Mordheim hounds and the old dark elf hounds. People really seem to get a kick out of these!

The Marksmen of Miragliano were one of the later units added to the list. I generally bulk out the unit with an extra Pikemen standard bearer and the Pizarro Lost Legion crossbows to an even 20.

I have to thank Tom Stauber for showing me the light with the actual Marksmen of Miragliano Regiment of Renown. They always got a bad rap in 7th. They were a little expensive perhaps, but they weren't a bad unit by any means. Often times my opponent did not understand that key difference and severely underestimated their firepower. The unit itself plays great on the battlefield (especially when combined with the Portent of Far and 2nd sign of Amul).

In the Indy GT list they get even better with no penalty for long range and the ability to move and shoot with them through a Hero Trait.

This unit is my take on Volands Venators. They are converted quite heavily from Empire, Bretonnian and various bits.

These guys are without a doubt, one of the few the solid core choices for the Dogs. I use them in every list,  often with another character from my character slots. With two heroes, the unit could actually dish out quite a bit of damage by 7th edition standards. They aren't quite as useful in 8th with Steadfast about, but they are still one of my only units that can actually kill things in close combat.


That's all?

There are a few extra painted duellists, pikemen and crossbowmen laying about, but that's really it! You really don't have much in the way of options for DoW core.

That said, there were quite a few alternate ideas which never saw the light of paint.

I converted a unit of fast cavalry from Empire Pistoliers but sold them as they were kinda boring looking and weren't that useful on the tabletop.

I was thinking Braganza's Besiegers for a while. I purchased a bunch of pavises and was going to do a Bretonnian Peasant type obstacle setup for my already painted crossbowmen. I just couldn't justify taking them ruleswise, though.

I picked up some old interesting 3rd edition Bretonnian Mounted Retainers from Marty Gaska to use as Medium Cavalry (no barding) but this unit was also the suck.

I also obtained a unit of ten 5th edition metal Knights Errant from the Adepticon Bitz Bazaar one year. The idea was that Knights Errant sort of fit in with the questing type aspect of the DoW and they would make another great home-made Regiment of Renown. If I did up a unit of ten then I could finally drop those pesky pikes and still meet my core requirements. In the end, though, I was just too intimidated to paint all those horses.

I think the craziest idea was to convert a bunch of goblins to wield pikes and run them as the Alcatani Fellowship Regiment of Renown. It sort of fit, since they were WS2 with poor leadership. I decided they probably weren't worth the effort, though, since they cost about the same as regular pikes but had WS2 and poor leadership.

I could go on for a few dozen more paragraphs but I think its best for all of us if I just pull the plug here. It is best not to delve too deeply into the workings of a madman...


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