Saturday, September 3, 2011

Army Display Board Title Block

One simple thing often overlooked when creating a display board is to add a title block or plaque that provides the viewer with your name and the name of the army.  It gives you an opportunity to share pertinent information (like who you are) along with other information that can enhance the viewing experience (army theme).

One good option I've seen is to have a metal plate engraved.  While it's the pricier option, it does look great when pulled off.  A cheaper option that I've used to good effect is to create a printout of your title block and glue it down to a piece of appropriately colored foam core. Here are two examples that I've used over the past year.


 Remember, it's the little things that go a long ways to separating average from awesome.


Rogers said...

Also overlooked sometimes, thankfully not in your examples, is putting your name on the title block! It is pretty annoying when you want to vote for a guy and have no idea who he is!

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