Sunday, September 4, 2011

Converted scraplauncher for Acon '11

When I go to Adepticon I like to play in tournaments that are significantly different than your typical WFB tournament, so I signed up for the 'Size Matters' tournament on Friday and the team tournament on Sunday.  To prepare for a 3000 point 8th edition game of Warhammer with ogres I decided to build another scraplauncher.

As you can see this fella is a combination of the skaven plague catapult/warp lightning cannon kit and the normal scraplauncher kit.   I have to say that the Skaven warmachine kit is very slick and cleverly designed, GW kits have come a long way in the time between these two kits being released.

As you may have noticed in the back round, I already had an unaltered scraplauncher that I built and painted some years earlier.  This is probably one of the few cases were it was easier converting and kit-bashing the model than building the stock GW model, let alone painting the damn thing.  The build was pretty simple, though I used a lot of super glue and green stuff to reinforce the joints between the metal and plastic parts.

Here's the bad boy finished.  I really enjoyed both building and painting this model.  One short cut I used was spraying the entire model a graveyard earthish base coat.  The frame, wheels and rhinox just have a couple of coats of dry brushing and/or washes on top of this base coat.

I'm really happy with the final result and have gotten a lot of compliments on this model.  It just goes to show that with a little creative use of various kits you don't really have to be a master green stuff sculptor to create unique and eye-catching models for your army.

~The Bear


redmanphill said...

Ah I only saw the first picture. Now that I see if completed I am even more impressed! Thats a really good job.

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