Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ask Domus # 1 - Mixed Units and Excess Wounds

I recently received a request for some rules help on a very specific situation.  Below is the email I received and the response I sent back.

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Name*: Mike Gerold
Hey Domus,

So this came up in a game the other night and I'm just curious what the rules are for mixed units.

A unit was attacking a unit of 5 giant rats (with 1 packmaster).  All the attacks were on the same initiative step and the attacking unit inflicted 10+ wounds (many more than there were rats).  The skaven player made the argument that the packmaster needs to be targeted directly, and since he wasn't in base contact, he couldn't be hurt (despite the massive spill-over of wounds).  Is this how it works?  Are units that have a single initiative step forever doomed to never be able to fully kill a mixed unit?

Help me Domus!  Help me!!

By the way, you are a sexy ginger beast.

My reply...


I've carefully reviewed all of the rules.  Sadly, none of the books (BRB, Liz, Skaven, O&G) give any guidelines nor do any of the current FAQ's.

The rulebook allows for excess to flow over to the unit and to the unit champ but not to models you didn't target in the unit (like characters, packmasters, Krox, etc...).

Given all of that I'm of the same opinion as your Skaven opponent since that is the only thing I can see supported by the rules.  The only exception would be if the packmaster was upgraded to a Master Moulder, then he would count as a unit champ and excess would flow over.

It completely defies common sense but dems da rules.

Much love to you my sexy non-ginger friend.


This was a bugger of a rules question.  No rules exist, at all, to cover this specific situation.  Shooting / Impact hits are explicitly addressed but not CC wounds.  So, I determined the ONLY way to handle this would be that you could only wound the portion of the unit you targeted (much like as if you were attacking a character or shooting at the unit).  Different WS / Toughnesses come into play and make this all kinds of ugly.

Was it 100% the right answer?  I can't 100% say it was but using this rules that do exist, this is where I ended up.  I don't make any claim to always be right, I just try and do the best I can with the rules presented.

If you have a differing opinion I'd love to hear it and your reasons.

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Rogers said...

This is why those tiny squig herds are so annoying, since it is impossible to wipe out the unit in one go withough without multiple levels of initiative. You can wipe out the squigs but the one or two handlers flee and you take you d6 S5 hits.

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