Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Armies of the Past

I previously posted pix of the chariots from my first Fantasy army Wood Elves.  In this next installment I will post pix of the only other remaining models from my first army still in my collection.

First up is one of my Glade Guard, minus the shield.  This is one of my favorite models from 5th edition Wood Elves.  Looking back on this it still holds up considering that I painted it 14 years ago. 

Next up are a couple of old Wardancers (pre 5th).  Through some friends at the shop I acquired a large collection of these models for my army.  I particularly enjoyed painted these guys as they have a lot personality and individuality.  Go Shadow Coil dance!

Finally, here is a set of 5th edition Wardancers.  I recall fondly that these guys were the first unit that I consciously tried to paint to the best of my ability.  Fortunately, I've learned a few more tips in the years since I painted these guys!  :)

Gotta love the Goblin Green bases and simple Woodland Scenics flock!


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