Friday, September 2, 2011

Armies of the Past

As some of you old timers remember back when 6th edition came out it created much of the same fervor and shock waves that we saw and heard when 8th edition was released last year.  The changes were sweeping and were so dramatic that it instantly made the current army books obsolete or broken beyond repair.  To fill this void GW created the Ravening Hordes list which was essentially a collection of “get you by” army lists for the existing armies of 5th edition.  It was under this system that I dove in head first to create my second Warhammer Fantasy army – Bretonnians.

The army’s theme was inspired by a Templar crusader-ish army I saw in White Dwarf.  The army was affectingly called the Army of Saint Jacques and I purposefully chose not to base it on an existing city or province.  It was painted up using the two main Templar colors of raw linen and maroon.  These colors are Delta Ceramcoat craft paints that come in 2oz bottles from Michaels (yes I said craft paints).  The simple paint job gave me more time to focus on the banners and barding free hand which I used to differentiate the various types of knights.
The army was around 90 models and came in around 3K with kitted out characters.  It was mostly made up of 5th edition plastic knights formed up into the old style wedge lance formations.  I also had acquired some older metal models that I worked in as characters, grail and questing knights.  As infantry did not play as central of a role as it does today I only had a couple of small spearmen units that were converted from the 5th edition bowmen (I can only assume to fulfill a minimum core restriction).  The conversion was pretty simple as I simply chopped off the bow above and below the hand, drilled a hole through the hand and glued in a length of brass rod.  Then I added some Bret shields I picked up a Games Day Los Angeles.  Looking back on it now the paint job is actually pretty rudimentary but I think it would certainly suffice for a basic table top standard today. 
After it was completed I played this army in several of our SoCal apocalypse style Fantasy games (dubbed Big WHFB).  It was a pretty good army for that environment as there weren’t very many options other than pushing stuff straight forward and smash what’s in front of you.  This is what a knight’s bus does best, especially without the threat of being flanked.  I do recall one eventful game when my “atomic” lance hit a TK unit led by Settra himself (Thanks to Steve).  I was impressed by how tough Settra was and I’m certain this influenced my choice for my next army.
While the army started out as a Ravening Hordes list I did attempt to update it when the 6th edition Bretonnian army book was released.  I added a few new units like Pegasus Knights but I felt it would be better to starting over from scratch.  Plus the 5th edition knights made it almost impossible to rank up the knights in the new 3 wide lance formation.  So my focus on the Brets eventually waned and soon I was fully gripped under the presence of the Tomb Kings.  After a few years of rotting in the closet I decided it was time for the army to find a new home and sold the army to another veteran gamer but managed to keep my mounted yeomen as I was particularly proud of them at the time (looking back I’m not sure why).
Fast forward a few years and all this recent talk about Brets within the community and what I saw accomplished at BitS has gotten me to think about the Brets once again.  Fortunately, when I do decide to make the plunge, which may not be until they get a new book, I should everything I need.  A few years back I purchased a ridiculous amount of the new plastic Bretonnian models from a store closing down.  They are still quietly, patiently sitting in their shrink wrap awaiting my call to return to the lady of the lake.  Until that time please enjoy some of the pictures of my 2nd Warhammer army.  I expect everyone will get some enjoyment out of them whether from nostalgia or having a laugh at my inability to paint.  Enjoy, I have pix of most of the units, but not all:(

King on Hippogrif

Army standard bearer (w/ Lady of the Lake banner)

Hero on horse (morning star and shield)

Heroes on horse

Hero on Pegasus


Knights of the Realm

Questing Knights

Grail Knights

Mounted Yeomen

Finally I figured I would close with some shots of this army on the battlefield. 

In my last game with this army I walked away with a GW starter paint kit.  Maybe it was the guys way of saying that I should try something other than craft paints?

I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane with me.


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The army looks very striking though at the 6' distance on the tabletop.

You look VERY different though...

retroalias said...

Yeah the hair and about 40 lbs. :)

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