Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Worst Painted Models (as seen at Rodge Podge 2011)

As Rodge Podge is the only tournament that actively encourages players to bring their worst models, I just had to sneak these beauties in between my ramblings.

There were a couple good stinkers at the event for sure, but these two took the cake. The skaven are mine and technically received the most votes, however, I decided that I really wasn't into winning a prize at my own event after all. This humble "albino" squig was a fan favorite so Paul Wagner got to take home a pound of bitz.

Paul fessed up to painting the squig himself so it's only appropriate he takes home the prize.

I cobbled my unit from a skaven army I bought (yes, I was warned the clanrats were in rough shape before the deal was struck) and a lion chariot ebay auction that went for like two bucks. I tried to strip the left lion but it didn't really turn out too well. For the event I decided to combine the horror into the monstrous conversion before you.

Hoping to see some even more god awful shit next year!


Land said...

is that supposed to be hunter s on the chariot?

Rogers said...

Some kind of human hunstman. I found him mixed in with the big skaven lot I purchased and thought he'd look "perfect" in the chariot! (ie. completely nonsensical)

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