Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Tommy

Originally from lovely Chicagoland, I emigrated to Milwaukee in the early 90's. I am a tattooer by trade. I make loverly tattoos like this:
skulls. yeah.

Musically, I am inclined towards punk, a little stoner rock, and a whole lot of 70's glam (Bowie, Iggy Pop, T-Rex, etc). Also have a soft spot for 80's goth and new wave. Everything new sucks, because I am old.

old guy.

I started painting miniatures back in 1985. Battletech to be precise. Then, in 1987, Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader came out. My fate was sealed. I started Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd edition shortly after.

First developed  my man-crush on the Handsome Point Boys when I attended a tourney they threw (help me out here fellas... not sure what you were calling it then). I believe the concept of the Magnificent Bastards was born of an epic road trip to the now defunct but gloriously fun Hillbilly Invitational GT.

What you'll be seeing me produce for the foreseeable future is my army of Kislevite Ogres, replete with furry hats, manly facial hair, and unrestrained fat guy fury... and perhaps gratuitous amounts of vodka. They will be making the tournament rounds in 2012...starting with WAAAGHPACA.


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