Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meet Rogers

I'm a northcentral Wisconsin native, born and bred. I've been into gaming since I was very young, starting with D&D and Heroquest. As I've always liked figs in general and my favorite part of any campaign was the big battle, I took to warhammer pretty quickly since it's pretty much all figs and big battles. 

It was pretty rough going at first as Warhammer was expensive even then. I mostly accumulated the single pose plastics, dark elven swordsmen in particular, but kept a library of games workshop catalogues under the bed. I circled each miniature I wanted in the catalogue (pretty much all of them) and bided my time.

In my late teens I puzzled out the actual rules, and was able to get my first real army on the field by assembling all the box set Lizardmen I could get my hairy hands on. I honed my craft on the lizards and quickly assembled a horde of Undead in my early college years as the midwest tourney scene began to take shape.


My gaming travels across the region inspired the Dogs of War army as well as the long run of Stevens Point Warhammer Tournaments. The first was 9 players with a ringer that never showed (Mr. Johnny Hastings). The last, held six years later, was a two day beast called the Northstar tournament with about 40 players. Now I help Golke run the WAAAGH! Paca tournament and cohost the Point Hammered Warhammer entertainment podcast.

Outside of Warhammer, my interests are broad and ever changing. I prefer heavy metal music, of the European and particularly Swedish or Finnish variety. I dabble heavily in boardgames, the occasional computer game (Total War!), and still read (or listen to audiobooks while painting) regularly. I'm always up to something new though, just ask me about bees, Systema, or competitive eating at the next event. Of course there's the drinking as well, often and in excess, but that's just a regular thing in Wisconsin.