Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Rob P


Originally from Michigan I now reside in Memphis (For the geographically impaired that would be Tennessee) after a 10 year tour in Southern California. For those that are in the know, Memphis is the GW North America HQ and source of all things awesome!

Growing up I was into board games and action figures (no D&D in my origin story). When I hit my teens I got into deeper board games like Axis & Allies and Federation & Empire and started to understand the social aspects of gaming. Then it all changed one day when I was in the supermarket and stumbled onto a magazine ad for Star Wars Miniature Battles by West End Games. That started my obsession with collecting and painting miniatures.

Fast forward a few years and I moved out to Southern California and started frequenting Brookhurst Hobbies. The Friday night gaming group was getting heavily into Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I instantly fell in love with the miniatures and the background. Being a big fan of the Hobbit I chose the Wood Elves as they reminded me of the Mirkwood Elves so I bought everything I could get my hands on. I set to work modeling and painting in every spare moment. Every week I turned up to the shop and showed off what I had painted and got their encouragement to keep going. This went on for about a month until I got the army to a playable level of 2000 points and was able to schedule my first game against the Dark Elves. Honestly all I truly remember was the game didn't last more than a few turns. He had a hero on a dragon and it single handily destroyed my entire army. That was my painful introduction to Herohammer.

As the Warhammer Fantasy system has evolved I’ve collected several armies and have developed a passion for large, 10K+ armies. I consider myself more of a hobby gamer and collector and can usually be found out on the tournament scene 5-6 times a year.

My Collections Past and Present

Wood Elves #1 – Assembled and painted 3k using 5th edition and older models. Oh how I loved my old Wardancers and converted Wood Elf chariots! The collection was sold just prior to me moving to Memphis.

Bretonnian – Inspired by White Dwarf 277 I assembled a 3k Crusader themed army using mostly the 5th edition models and the Ravening Hordes list. I look back on the atomic lances fondly. I sold this army at the start of 7th but managed to keep my painted mounted yeomen!

Tomb Kings - Having always played “Good” armies I decided it was time to go with an evil army with the release of the first TK army book. Eleven years later and the army is still going strong at over 8k of painted models with a ton of stuff still waiting for paint.  Over the years the army them has evolved into the Army of Rasetra with the army now including many conversions that have brought many cold blooded beasts of burden into the ranks.

Dwarfs – What better thing to do with all those Dwarfs from the Skull Pass starter box then to start a new army. The army currently sits around 5k but has seen rapid expansion over the last few years.  Sad to say that the painted army sat on the shelf for quite a long time before actually making it to the table with the start of 8th edition.  After a few years of hard work on the mining theme and conversions everything came together in 2012 and it won Best Painted at the US Throne of Skulls tournament.  With the 8th edition Dwarf army book in hand I will be revisiting this army again in the near future.

Orcs and Goblins - A few years ago I decided I wanted a horde army. In 2008 I started painting the army with a limited color palette and speed painting techniques. The army has now amassed 12k points (educated guess) of painted models.  It has made it to the table a few times at local tournaments and I look forward to continue to add to it in the future.

Wood Evles #2 - In a departure from large armies this 1.2k Narnia themed army was painted to participate in the Fantasy Team event at Adepticon 2013.  It was a very fun army to convert and paint.  It made me remember why I loved Wood Elves all those years ago.  At some point I will revisit this army to add a few more units including a Treeman.

Warriors of Chaos - If you can't beat them join them!  In 2014 I completed a Tzeentch infused Warriors of Chaos army that made extensive use of my favorite models - the Dragon Ogres. Originally unveiled at Waaaghpaca 2014 at 2000k, I'm currently added a few more bits and bobs to flesh this army out to 2500k for Buckeye Battles.

How did you build such large armies?

I had some great help!