Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Domus

Domus here.  Born and raised in Central IL, pretty much a lifer.  The mere thought of leaving my corn-hole of a state gets me shaking in my boots with excitement though!

I always enjoyed card and board games of any kind growing up as a kid and the competitive nature that me, my brother and father all share.  Around 5th grade, I started playing D&D with my brother and numerous neighborhood friends.  Once the MB Gamesmaster series games arrived we started collecting every one we could (Axis & Allies, Conquest of the Empire, Shogun, Fortress America, etc..).  Loved those games.  Video games came with high school as did a heavy social life and I pretty much took a break from gaming.

I got into Magic the Gathering in the mid 90's with a bunch of guys I worked with and still love that game, though I choose not to collect it any longer solely due to the "crack-like" nature of the game.

In the late 90's I played Necromunda quite a bit with a bunch of guys I knew from high school.  I always wanted to get into Warhammer / 40K but the other guys could never afford it.  Got married in 99 and in 2003 I started looking for other hobbies (besides video games).  I quickly found the Hirst Arts website and before you knew it I traveled to the local gaming store in town and picked up the Hordes of Chaos army box set.  I met 3 guys there Tom McClure, Caius Jennison, and Jeff Tupper who would grow to be life long friends and gaming buddies.

My Armies (in order of assembly) & their fate
Hordes of Chaos - painted roughly 2k (badly) and sold it
Tomb Kings - painted 1500 pts and sold it after being beaten by numerous teenagers
Slaanesh Demons (Storm of Chaos era) - painted 2500, won my first painting awards (thanks to the display base) and eventually sold to a good friend
Bretonnian Peasants - (2500) - Speed painted in less than a month.  200+ model count with only 5 mounted knights in the army.  Won me Best Sports (lost all my games!) at the first MWR.  Sold to a friend right before the release of 8th since the army sucked on the table.  This army would have been awesome for 8th edition and I do regret selling it.
Lizardmen - Dipped a big army to get something to take to tournies and give me time to work on my next project.  Still owned and expanding.  This is my current army of choice.
Wood Elves - Painted 3k.  Inspired by Mike Butcher I created a fully themed army.  To date, this is the army I'm most proud of and it represents how high I've set the bar for myself.
Sigmar Ogres - painted 1500 pts.  Completed as a team tourney army with Caius for Adepticon.  On the shelf with more models ready to be added.

Projects for the future;
Dark Elves (Drow)
Skaven (Clan Pestilens)
Another Ogre Army (heavily themed but super secret)
Bayou Gremlins for Malifaux

Besides Warhammer, I dabble in far too many video games and also still enjoy numerous board games with friend & family.  (Descent, Settlers of Catan, Powergrid, Ticket to Ride, etc..)

My current set of goals are to complete a new Warhammer army and get some miniatures completed for painting competitions.


jenjock1 said...

I think this is awesome, brother, and i love you. sorry if i'm taking away some of your coolness by posting here. :)

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