Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plastic to Player's Choice: 11 Week Wood Elves - Pro Choice

I thought I would post up a couple of the key talking points from the latest Knugget of Knowledge for reference.

First off, the facts:
24 dryads done in the last 2 weeks of February.
28 Glade Guard, 7 Wardancers, 6 Wild Riders, 3 Treemen, an Eage Rider, Spellweaver, BSB and army display/carrying case in the 9 Weeks.

Now we move on to the strategies used to complete this army in 11 weeks. (Bear in mind that I've completed exactly zero armies in the preceding 110 weeks!)

I should also note that I finished with about an hour or so to spare the day before the tournament, so I think every single one of these contributed to my success.

#1. If you want to paint an army quickly, pick an army AND a list with a low model count.

This may sound obvious, but when you're excited about doing up your next force you might not realize what kind of gnoblar, gobbo or peasant muck you're wading through until you're half in the sucker. Do you want to build an army quickly or what? What is your goal with this army? Is it to paint something to the best of your ability? Or just to a good standard? What's your minimum standard for the overall look?

Now that you've thought about it, which army suits you best at this stage of the game? What is the best way to paint it? What techniques do you want to use? What are you going to learn with this army? (Always try something new!)

I wanted to do something to what I call a 95% standard as quickly as I could. A 95% standard is sort of exactly what it sounds like. Better than 95% of the armies you'll see. For reference, let's call Johnny's Beastmen 100% and the DoW 97%.

So I mulled over my options and went with Wood Elves (abandoning the skaven for now). They are not quite the lowest model count possible, (Ogres maybe? What is your opinion on this?) but they are definitely up there. I would put Warriors of Chaos and Demons as top contenders as well.

So picking the right army is crucial for sure but so is your unit selection. I have 1500 points tied up in 6 models. My pph (points per hour) is definitely higher than if I went for a glage guard horde.

If you want to go quick, go for monsters. Although some of these plastic monster sets are getting to be so damn big they're probably not that much faster than painting a unit anyways (the arachnorak practically has a unit on it's back!). The effectiveness (or lack thereof) on the tabletop varies so it's likely a concession you'll have to make in the gameplay to get a whole finished army to the table quickly.

#2.... not til after Gencon! I'm heading there tomorrow and will be nurding out with my turds out.

I'll be trying quite a few miniature demos and playing in the big blood bowl event as well. I tried to get into speed painting but only 2 hours after the opening registration every single damn one of 'em was full (except for Dark Sword miniatures - uhh, no thanks). In any case, it should prove to be a pretty boozy affair.

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