Monday, August 22, 2011

The Best Damn Army Case

 So here's the bloody gang all together. I have to say it was very satisfying to see them together in the end. I was worried about the overall look (the dryad bark doesn't perfectly match the Treebastard bark! The Glade Guard won't fit in) but they really came together in the end.

The display base isn't too impressive, however, the whole thing doubles as my army movement case!

So this is another thing I thought long and hard about before I started. I wanted the absolute quickest way to get these guy from the case to the tabletop. I worked closely with the Bear on this one and this is what we came up with.

The case itself is just a run of the mill plastic bin picked up from Kmart or some such. We flipped it over and attached a hardboard base to the cover to give it some strength. We used four two inch screws to secure the board in place, and these would double for securing the foam display in place during transport as well. I put a little apoxy sculpt over the rough edges of the screws to slow down the wear and tear of the foam.

So here is the underside of the display board. We attached hardboard to the bottom of the foam base to give it a little more durability as well. You can see how the board is attached with five screws. This raises up the display board a bit as well, so it's not sitting flush on the table. It's very easy to slide this thing around, even on felt. You can also see the four holes where we secure it into the lid for transport.

Under the flock on the top of the base is a piece of roofing metal. I bent down each end (so it was a [ kind of shape from the side) and stabbed those into the foam to help secure it in place while the gorilla glue did its work. (A few heavy books also assisted) Normally, you wouldn't think metal would stick to foam that well but this set up did the trick. I spackled the the whole top with a thin layer to make it one seamless piece of ground (since the metal was a square shape on the top I needed to hide the lip around it). After that, I applied two layers of sand using house paint as the glue.

So even after all the layers of sand, paint and spackle over the metal, the movement trays and bases still hold just fine. Each movement tray has a few magnets in the base to keep them steady during transport. (And the figures are magnetized to the movement tray itself)

I magnetized the big guys as well so they can stick to the display board. The blue stuff is poster putty, which helps prevent them from sliding around on the display board.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this set up. The only thing I would do differently is get a bigger plastic bin so I can do a bigger display board!


Raf said...

That's a great solution, well done guys.

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