Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2500 Tourney at Memphis Factory Store

We have a small 2500 point Fantasy Tournament this weekend at the Memphis Factory store.  This time I've decided to run something quite different from the defensive, foot slogger TK armies I've historically fielded.  This time I'm going with an all mobile list.  While I will probably get smashed in some scenarios (hello watchtower) it should be pretty fun to play.  At the very least it gives me a chance to run some units that hardly ever make it to the table (Skeleton Cavalry).  BTW - that is a Heirotitan and not a Colossus.  :)

I will post the full army list tomorrow, but for now here is a quick shot of the army.


Fnurgn said...

Looks great. Good luck!

FBroundup said...

Best of luck...nice job on trying something different!

Tom said...

Great job (as always :) ) Good luck in the turney, let us know how it goes.

retroalias said...


Got smashed!!!

Turns out immune to pyhco negates most of my tricks. :( Played Demons, TK, and VC. Yeah, undead on undead! Twice. Like pulling teeth. :)

Won best painted so that is something.

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