Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Wild Herd

At Blood in the Sun this past weekend I had he luxury to see an amazing Beastman army up close and personal.  Not only does it look fricken awesome, it plays well too as it scored 2nd place overall.  The army is the prize possession of one Mr. Johnny HPB Hastings (Point Hammered).  For anyone that hasn't been living under a rock this is part of the army that took first place at the Adepticon Fantasy Team Championship this year.

I've been playing fantasy since 1997 and I can honestly say that this is the prettiest army that I've ever seen in the flesh.  Every model is lavishly painted in extreme detail and the conversion work is nothing short of amazing.  So when you can spare a moment I highly recommend that you head on over to the The Wild Herd and check it out for yourself. Also, his latest army WIP can be found at Orctonnia.


PE Extraordinaire said...

awesome baby! great paint job as one the best at the BS. You are getting better by the day as the more you play the better you get.

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