Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Player Scored Composition

Having just returned from Blood in the Sun (more details later) I've begun the process of pouring over the results, starting with composition.  The results can be found here.  In general, I think the players nailed it.  The generally accepted "weaker" armies like Ogres and Wood Elves were given favorable scoring when compared to the "filthier" armies like Lizardmen and Warriors.  There was the typical scoring variation within each particular army as you would expect whenever you leave comp scoring up to the masses.  What I did find interesting is that there were some examples where two nearly identical armies had substantially different comp scores.  This makes me wonder if a players gaming ability effects which type of opponents they will face, thus potentially effecting their comp score.  
Take for example 2 identical WoC armies taken by two different players.  Let's say one is taken by a "good" player who goes 4-1 while the other is taken by an "poor" player who goes 1-4.  What I wonder is does the different type of opponents that each is likely to face have an effect on their comp score?  The player going 4-1 would be playing on the top tables against many like minded players that may have also brought "filthy" armies.  Theses opponents wouldn't necessarily be put off by playing other "filthy" armies as they would probably come into the tournament expecting it and their comp scoring would reflect it.    Compare this to the player going 1-4.  He would be playing near the bottom tables and would likely be playing against new or "fluffy" gamers.  These opponents wouldn't take the tournament as seriously or may not posses the win at all costs mentality.  These opponents would be fielding softer or narrative driven armies that typically would get very good comp scores.  I would expect that these players would find playing the "filthy" army less enjoyable which would be reflected in their comp scoring. 
To sum up, my theory is that if you are going to take a "filthy" army, make sure you win with it and stay at the top.  If not, your comp scores may be hit a little harder than you may have expected.


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