Tuesday, July 5, 2011


With Blood in the Sun only days away my army had an urgent need for a proper Necrotect.  I attempted to kit bash my own but  I ended up going with the official Finecast version.  My intention was to do a full step by step guide, unfortunately I didn't have the time.  He is not going to win a Golden Demon, but for under 4 hours I'm happy with the results.  I especially like the skin.  Apologise for the crappy pix, someday I may just get around to getting that light box.


Equinox said...

How did you like working with the finecast model? Big difference between the new resin and the older metal stuff?

retroalias said...

Short answer is I like metal better.

retroalias said...

the long answer is I didn't do it all that much. I had to be careful with a hairdryer as it potentially warp the model. also there were a crap load of tiny defects that were not visible until you hit them with paint. there was at least a dozen little air bubbles and at least a few extra piece of flash that obliterated some of the detail.

I'm optimistic that they will get their qc in check. I have a ton of mantic plastic resin stuff and they dont have nearly as many problems.

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